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Spurs Tottenham Hotspur Biography 4th Edition Book



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Spurs Tottenham Hotspur Biography 4th Edition Book


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Celebrated author and Spurs fanatic Julie Welch brings the story of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to life, getting to the very heart and soul of the Lilywhites in the acclaimed best-seller Spurs Tottenham Hotspur Biography 4th Edition Book.

In The Biography of Tottenham Hotspur, renowned author Julie Welch who has lilywhite and blue blood coursing through her veins brilliantly deconstructs the history of the club to get to the very heart and soul of Tottenham Hotspur. How did Spurs develop their unique and precious character? Who were the key individuals and what were the key events that shaped the modern Spurs?Packed with wonderful stories from the formation of the club to the present day, and the memories of numerous legendary players, managers, supporters and other key figures, The Biography of Tottenham Hotspur brings the rich and glorious history of Spurs to life from a new and fascinating perspective.

About the authorJulie Welch was Fleet Street's first female football reporter and is well known for her screenplay about her childhood following Spurs in the 1960s which was turned into a TV film, Those Glory Glory Days , by David Puttnam. She is also a best-selling author, her titles including 'Out on Your Feet: The World of Hundred Mile Walking' and 'Ghosts of the Lane' (with Rob White), the story of Spurs legend John White.

448 pages

Approx 15.88 x 3.38 x 24.13 cm